Ioan Mircea Pop, Veronica Sava, Dab Iliescu, Andreia Pop

November 11, 2013




Thinking about “eco objects” means thinking about objects’ life span and these objects’ environmental impact. The longer the usability of an object the necessity to replace it diminishes. Traditional coffins are objects with high negative impact on the environment as they are not environmentally friendly. To minimize this impact, our solution implies the
exclusion of embalming (as it uses substances that are harmful to the environment); using a shroud instead of a coffin for the burial and the creation (making) of a reusable exhibition casket. This is an object designed to offer a sealed environment that will delay body decomposition as long as the body lays in it and to replace the need for a hearse.
Considering that death is a passage to another world, this design object is a symbol of transformation, of passing through death to another stage of existence. Laying and taking out the deceased from the exhibition casket symbolize the transformation and the passage between worlds, as the caterpillar transforms itself into a butterfly through the cocoon
changing from a telluric into an celestial element.
The moment the beloved ones say farewell to the one that goes, celebrate and honor his memory, is the moment in which he transforms himself and is ready for the afterlife.
Cocoon’s white color together with burring or cremating the body in a white shroud reflects the respect for inner and outer beauty.

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